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MagneticOne is a rapidly growing innovative development company. Since eleven years after its foundation, MagneticOne has evolved into a successful supplier of solutions for all the aspects of e-commerce. We offer a wide range of software products for online stores and provide online services that radically simplify our client businesses, making them more efficient and profitable.
MagneticOne products and services are used by a vast number of online store owners, software, and web developers and are suitable for professionals as well as for those who only have started to explore the vast Internet industry. Due to the high demand of its products, MagneticOne constantly works on developing new services and solutions for ecommerce and other business scopes.
Nowadays MagneticOne team consists of 80+ employees and is growing rapidly. Most of the workforce is engaged in Development, Support and Marketing departments. The company encourages leadership development and continuous personal growth of every team member.



Yaware is an outstanding IT-company that offers a powerful web-based service, designed to control the work of your employees. Using this service you will effortlessly analyze the productivity of your staff. The service is customizable, so you are free to make your own rules. The service possesses a lot of valuable features:

  • Programs/websites tracking
  • Monitor the presence
  • Working hours control
  • Easy to install
  • Productivity reports


MagneticOne Mobile

MagneticOne Mobile is a leading outsourcing company with own products coordinated by MagneticOne Group. Perfect understanding of the mobile technology, well-complimented by vast experience across all the major enterprise verticals and the capability to deliver end-to-end business solutions, makes MagneticOne Mobile the mobile consultant of choice across industries. Constantly striving for excellence, Magneticone Mobile Team tries to meet all your business needs.
The company permanently develops new solutions to improve the efficiency of your web business making it more profitable.



The mission of the contact center .CALL ( Dot Call ) – Customer PERSON is to serve its customers through inbound and / or outbound communications.
While working with a particular company, the contact center . CALL becomes a part of the business processes of the customer and forces its resources to work in more profitable and beneficial directions.
Product contact center .CALL is the most complete, high-quality and timely service of all communications.
In developing solutions for the tasks entrusted to it by the Customer, Contact Center .CALL will use all possible channels of communication: incoming and outgoing calls, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), SMS, MMS, e-mail, chatting query processing, etc.
Contact center services .CALL is performed 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The contact center is run by professionals who have vast experience in working with a variety of clients.

Image Charity Foundation

Magnetic One Group seeks to make a consistent contribution to the formation of the innovative, independent, intellectual, and responsible Ukrainian society. To achieve this goal, the foundation was created. Nowadays it concentrates its activity on the educational, cultural, and sanative programs for talented children and youth.

The fund provides technical assistance, informational, financial, and humanitarian aid under its own beneficial projects.


.Invest – angel investment fund

A company that invests in innovative online projects in Ukraine and Russia. The company is headed by the team of professionals with experience of successful work in the field of investment and entrepreneurship.

The company makes extensive use of joint investment opportunities with major international venture funds.


MagneticOne Municipal Technologies

МagneticOne Municipal Technologies is a team of high-level specialists, aimed at improvement of working efficiency of local organizations, making urban welfare better by means of implementing modern information technologies.

Company has a base of contracts with vendors that create hardware and software for using on municipal scale.

MagneticOne Municipal Technologies provides technical support for all implemented solutions in the cities, acting as the first line support.


MagneticOne GIS

The work of MagneticOne GIS, a group of top specialists in the field of geoinformation technologies, is aimed to boost the work of local governmental authorities, business companies and ordinary citizens with the help of the GIS-technology implementation.


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